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You’re Some Body.

The Story of
The Hoo-Hah Bra

She knew the bra. But did the bra know her? The reality of how she looks; the sincerity of her feelings, looks and thoughts? Dear, no.
Founder and owner Kaye Larcky was impassioned to try and build the perfect bra, one that would showcase the incredibleness of real, everyday women in their unique shapes and sizes.
It all began in a single moment of clarity. Now Kaye Larcky’s a world-wide loved story that talks straight to every woman’s heart, er bust, in self-loving body language. This, then, is the story of the Hoo-Hah bra.

Reshaping Bra Culture
Self-Love in a Bra

The bra chooses you to be you. So you’re telling the story of our brand, thank you. You’re confident about your place in this world knowing our bras hug you at your shape, meet you at your size, and create a new culture of self-love. We’re the everyday wishbra of all womankind.
We’re making the best bras on the planet. And we’re having a great time doing it. You’re hooked with the world’s most endearing, women patented technology blending comfort and functionality with aesthetics.
And no matter how much thought goes into crafting our bras, it’s the proud women who wear them that tell our story best. We’ve become a woman’s badge of honor, embracing her qualities and her beauty. For all this, we’ve become the ultimate lover of her.