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Extra Secure Hands-Free Pumping Band



Conquer Hands-Free Pumping Band Giving you back your hands and freeing you to work, read, or play with your baby, Kaye Larcky is proud to bring you our uniquely patented pumping band. Oh, the joy of pumping hands-free with a pumping band that fits snugly in place! There’s goes the good feeling of being able to adjust the band so you can make it as tight or loose as you want and doesn’t budge when you move around. Watch it fit effortlessly over any nursing bra as it is compatible with all major breast pumps. You’ll love the adjustable hook and eye closures and innovative tabs which attach to your nursing bra. You’ve just got another right hand – Kaye Larcky’s brilliant pumping band!

  • 100% Pima Cotton
  • Compatible with all major brand breast pumps.
  • Adjustable hook & eye closure will help band fit through every stage.
  • Multitasking at its best. Hands-free band leaves you with the ability to do other things such as work at your computer, play with your baby or read a book!
  • Fits effortlessly over any nursing bra. No need to wear uncomfortable, unsupportive bras all day in order to pump hands-free!
  • Innovative tabs with clips allow for versatility! Use clips to attach the band to your nursing bra for added security and comfort. Or, if you choose to use as an independent band without the nursing bra, clips can be tucked into convenient little pockets.

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