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Women’s  Genius Minimizer Bra

Women’s Genius Minimizer Bra



WE’VE GOT THE MAX ON MIGHTY MINIMIZERS. 360° minimizing power so you’re in total control. THIS IS THE HOO-HA SCULPTING BRA. THIS IS ROBUST. As your next level all-day 24/7 bra, watch The Mighty Minimizer comfortably smooth out your bust while reducing bulging and tugging. No more ill-fitting tops and shirts. Wave farewell to bounce and jiggles. The genius of the Mighty Minimizer is its ultra-minimizing competence enabling a flattering and significant size decrease. Notice a slimmer, smoother look all while remaining supremely comfortable without flattening and giving you full range of movement. Discern the wide vents with a five-row hook and eye closure intended as a bulge reducer. Fashioned with taffeta, it’s iconic for a more self-admiring, shapely look. Marvel at the look of lace representing feminine sophistication and elegance. Ahh. The good feeling of an artisan-fit bra that sculpts your body to create a perfect, slimming silhouette. Confidence can take a lifetime to build. Just a single moment with KAYE LARCKY.

  • ULTRA MINIMIZING COMPETENCE – up to 1.5” bust reduction for major size decrease
  • PATENTED, exclusive design for a glamorous, 360 ° slimming effect
  • COMFORT FIRST – 24/7 all-day comfort with full range of movement
  • WIDE VENT BULGE REDUCER – reduces bulging and tugging with a unique row of 5 hook and eye closure
  • FASHIONED WITH TAFETTA for iconic feminine sophistication

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