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Wanna spend every moment with you.
We perfected the everyday bra for a perfect everyday.
Because we wanted you to have an everyday that started and ended in silk smooth
comfort and style alongside a bra boasting seamless, molded cups for a rounded,
flattering look.
Love the above.
What your everyday bra’s proud of.
This is one robust minimizer with 1.5” bust reduction for slimming effect. You’ll love our
innovational supportive bottom ledge because there’s no more riding up or curling at
the edges.
The only bra comfortable enough to hold your everyday dreams of plume-soft comfort
and glamorous support.

  • EVERYDAY JUST-HAVE – take on an attractively rounded, flattering look
  • ROBUST MINIMIZER – achieves slimming effect while remaining supportive with full range of motion
  • MOLDED, SEAMLESS CUPS – in favor of a smooth, streamlined silhouette
  • INNOVATIONAL SLIP PREVENTION – highly supportive ledge runs along the bottom of entire bra preventing discomfort and bra ride-up or curling
  • SILKY SMOOTH – soft, polyester-blend material begets stylish comfort
  • WIDE VENT BULGE REDUCER – Unique row of 3 hook and eye closure prevents bulging and tugging

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